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Music Ministry​

Minster of Music: Rev. Myra Drummond-Lewis   Revpmd2ndbc@gmail.com
   Bro.John Kericus: Organist/Pianist​

   Bro. Sherman Booker: Percussionist

   Bishop Josef Carr: Bassist

​Our mission is to proclaim the gospel message of salvation, hope and love in the worship experience as we glorify God and edify His people through psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.


Psalm 146:1 Praise ye the Lord! Sing unto the Lord a new song and His praise unto the congregation of saints.



We seek to utilize our gifts and talents to usher in the presence of the Holy Spirit and prepare the hearts of the congregation to receive the word of God through all activities of the church, it's auxiliaries and the community.

Practices: Thursdays 6:30 PM      


During the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we restructured our various singing groups (Male Chorus, Inspirational Choir, Youth Choir) into one choir, combining the voices into a group we call the Gospel Choir. This worship team sings most Sunday mornings.

God blessed us with a youth music focus through the talented family singers, "K-Voices", led by the gifted musical prodigy works of John Kercius. 

If you are interested in joining our music team, please contact Rev. Myra Drummond-Lewis at revpmd2ndbc@gmail.com or call the church at



Ushers' Ministry​

Sis. Chelsea Moffett - President


As ushers at Second Missionary Baptist Church, it is our goal to meet, extend greetings with joy and enthusiasm and always a smile to the masses that enter through our doors. We strive to be an intricate part of the service by assisting the pastor where necessary and seeing to the needs of the congregation. By providing order during the service, we create a setting that will be comfortable for all to praise and worship God without reservation.

Second Missionary Baptist Church purposes to provide challenging and inspiring ministries that will address the needs of the total person: spirit, soul and body. We are committed to strengthening those seeking a more profound relationship with God so that we might become effective witnesses in the quest to bring souls to Jesus Christ.

Stewardship Ministries


​​Deacon Ministry

Deacon C. Bernard Solomon, Chairman:  solomoncb@charter.net

Deacon Steve Cox, Vice Chairman


Deacon Ministry of Second Missionary Baptist Church, by the anointing of the Holy Spirit, must serve in the presence of the people, give support to our Pastor and assist in ministering to the spiritual  and physical needs of the congregation. An essential part of our mission is to assist in the observance of the ordinances, receive the offerings, greet visitors and assure the spiritual and material needs of the congregation are met.


Trustee Ministry

Deacon Eric Monroe, Chair


The Trustee Ministry stands to maintain a place for worship for the people of God. By the grace of God and instructions of the Holy Spirit we also commit to the care of those earthly possessions within the church facility entrusted into our care. (Luke 16:2a)


Finance Ministry

Sister Valerie Shaw, Chair


The Finance Ministry serves to oversee the finances of the church ensuring that the church serves as good stewards of the financial blessing entrusted to us for the furthering of the kingdom of God. 


We maintain the budgets for the church and each organization. Auxilliary leaders who require reimbursement for approved expenditures should request reimbursement by completing a Funds Request and submitting it to the church office.  



Christian Education

Sister Shavetta Cox and Sister Brenda Treadwell Martin, Co-Chairs


The Christian Education Department serves to promote perpetual spiritual growth within the congregation, to encourage and provide opportunities for members to study the word of God. The Board of Christian Education is composed of leaders of all church units that provide education.


Sunday School

Sister Pamela Hardin, Superintendent 2ndbcsundayschool@gmail.com


The Sunday School of Second Missionary Baptist Church presents Christian teachings based on the Holy Bible by dedicated and committed teachers. It is also a part of our Mission to educate and enhance the receivers of the word to become faith-inspired believers of the cross.

Schedule: Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. ​

Classes: Beginners through Adults and Special Topics



Young Adult and Youth Ministries

Sister Jessica Mosely, Co-Director

Sister Marcia Collins, Co-Director

Rev. Trina Boone, Youth Minister


The Second Missionary Baptist Church Youth Ministry Mission is to provide an environment to present the gospel by offering Christian oriented activities and programs that develop and matures their relationship with Christ, preparing them, so that they can fulfill the Great Commission.


Kitchen Ministry

Sister Ada Thompson, Chair


The Kitchen Ministry, through our faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, strives to glorify God by overseeing the operations of the kitchen including its use, cleanliness and maintenance. It is our desire to make every visitor, member or guest feel they are a special member of God's family.



Extension Ministries

Health & Wellness Ministry

Sister Phyliss Golden, Chairperson

Through education and prevention, we strive to be a resource for cultivation a healthy body and soul.  This includes serving as liaisons between the congregations and other church and community sponsored events and health related promotions; performing in-house blood pressure and blood sugar screenings on a regular basis as well as rendering primary first aide as needed.  Our goal is to cultivate more health conscious individuals with an emphasis on the special needs of the African-American community


Women's Missionary Union

Sister Darlene Grant, President


To proclaim the good news that God loves the world. By reaching inward and outward to minister to saved and unsaved through prayer, Bible study, fellowship, witnessing, evangelizing and helping those in need in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Women of Purpose

Reverend Deloris Hill, Director   Deloriswopmissioneagle@yahoo.com

Women of Purpose International exists to reconcile and nurture relationships among people of every ethnicity, denomination and social status to identify and impart their individual and collective gifts to each other for the strengthening of the body of Christ and the prayerful pollination of those drawn by love to Jesus.    

Meetings: Second and Fourth Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

Young Women of Purpose​

Reverend Wanda Epps:  Balmingileadoutreach@yahoo.com

Our mission is to help equip our young ladies ages 8 through 21 years of age with valuable tools to live purposeful lives and make a meaningful and lasting impact in their communities and across the world as godly servant leaders. This will be accomplished through one-on-one and group mentoring, transformational coaching, interactive sessions, real talk workshops, life skills training, educational and fun-filled field trips and studying the Word of God.



Single Moms Support Group:

The Caring People

Sister Marcia Collins, Director

Our mission is to reach out to single moms and their children, providing support, unconditional love, acceptance and friendship. 

Meetings: Each Sunday 4-6 p.m.


For His Glory Ministries

Reverend Janice Threat; forhisgloryinc65203@gmail.com


To link faith-based organizations, social service organizations and individual members of the community to assist in supporting programs and services developed by FHG, Inc. for youth and their families. 




The Brotherhood

Deacon Bernard Solomon, Chairperson


SMBC Brotherhood Ministry is designed to bring men together to work toward spiritual maturity by studying God’s Word and building relationships. The Brotherhood is open to the men of SMBC and others in the community who want to understand what it means to be an authentic man of God. Our mission is to unite men through the study of God’s Word so they can become a reflection of Jesus Christ in the home, church and community. We aim to build relationships that will promote Christian fellowship and personal accountability.


Meetings: Each 2nd Saturday 9-11 a.m.



Pathway to Maturity

Reverend John Hill

Pathway to Maturity--- exists to reconcile and nurture relationships among men of every ethnicity, denomination and social status to identify and impart their individual and collective gifts to each other for the strengthening of the body of Christ and the prayerful pollination of those drawn by the love of Jesus. It is our desire that a relationship of love, fellowship, prayer and accountability always exist between each man who is a part of Pathway to Maturity.    

Meetings: Second Saturday of each month at 10:00 a.m.