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To order your DVD of a recent service, please come by the Tech Booth on any Sunday or call the church office at (573)449-4703. Most DVDs are available for $5.00 each. If you'd like your DVD mailed to you, please add a $4.00 mailing fee. Thank you. 

Online Viewing

Our Sunday morning Worship Services are broadcast live on our Facebook page each Sunday at 10 am CST. Each service is saved and remains posted in our Facebook content. 


To enjoy historical videos of sermons and special events, please visit our YouTube channel. You will also find video clips and Worship Services on our Facebook page.


Bringing God's word to life through dramatic production is exciting and beneficial for our congregation. Enjoy recordings of some of our Christmas and Good Friday productions at our YouTube channel.

God loves you; He created you for a special purpose. Excerpt from the sermon "Man Up, Stand Up"

Pastor Ruffin (00:01:32)

Often, we think of "empty' as a bad thing. In this sermon, we examine the benefits of having an empty pitcher. 

Supporting scripture: Judges 7:16-18

Pastor Ruffin (00:35:58)

Man Up, Stand Up

Supporting scripture: Acts 14:8-10

Pastor Ruffin

Flutist plays: Order My Steps

"...the steps of a good man are ordered by God" Ps. 37:23


Who is this Jesus who knows you by name? 

Supporting scripture: Luke 19:1-10

Pastor Ruffin (00:35:37)

Be victorious and reach your, God promised, destiny.

Supporting scripture: Mark 4: 35-41

Pastor Ruffin (00:35:31)

More than a friend

Supporting scripture: Luke 11: 5-13

Pastor Ruffin (00:31.08)

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